As an English teacher, I spend my days imploring – I’m not sure imploring is a strong enough word – students to write. The results generally offer up a mixed bag of half-completed assignments, half-hearted attempts, and genuine efforts. I want more of the last. I’m not asking kids for Atwood but I do want effort. I need effort. And all kids can give me that much but it’s hard to get them to accept that fact. Begging them to take chances with their writing isn’t the same as showing them, which brings me here.

I’ve decided to post works I’ve written so students can see me taking risks, putting myself out there. I’ll be posting my work semi-regularly during the school year and, since I’m a big proponent of “write what you know,” most pieces will deal with the teaching profession so feel free to bookmark this page, teacher pals.

PS Please be gentle in the comments section. I’m a teacher, not a writer. And I’m fragile.